Ride / Relax or Else


Prolly: This photo just goes to show that it’s best to have fun while riding.


My Friends are Talented: Catching Up – Conner Spencer


Prolly: Ryan from Go Means Go posted up this video from a project called My Friends are Talented. It’s worth the watch with some beautiful cinematography so sit back and enjoy!

Golden Saddle Cyclery: Maneki Neko Cat Track Shirts


Prolly: The Golden Saddle Cyclery crew finally has a run of those kick-ass Maneki Neko cat shirts. Grab a white one here and a gray one here.

Matt Lingo for Pedal Consumption: Kagero Prototype

Photo by Matt Lingo

Prolly: Matt Lingo snapped some photos of the forthcoming Leader Kagero for Patrick at Pedal Consumption. The bike pictured is still a prototype but Leader is slated to release a run of 300 any day now. Head to PC for more details!

Antimo: Sorry, Baltimore

Prolly: Antimo delivers with the first edit exclusively from the Bmore Fixt Trix Jam!

Zlog: Awesome video of the recent trick competition in Baltimore. I really dug Mike Schmitt’s uprail to barspin.

Locked: This went around yesterday. So good though. Mike’s up rail to bar was sick.

Velos Locos 2011: Alley ‘Rat’ Race.


Locked: I always like a good event promo video. Getting people informed about an event is so much easier when you go beyond a flyer you make in MS Paint. Usually this makes whatever is going down seem that much more legit and exciting…just shows that those involved care about the event that much more. Dig it.

Recent Roll: Puckett Hop


Prolly: I am really surprised that this photo came out as good as it did. It was one of those look quickly and fire moments where you think it’ll just be a blurry mess. Here’s Puckett hitting one of the many jibs on the ride from my house to East 6th.