Lockedcog 3 Year Event this Saturday!

Locked: I’ve been working with my buddy Nick of Team FAD on this for a bit now. It’s going down this weekend here in Sac! Going to be a really fun event with a ton of people coming together to make it happen.

Here’s a few things to note:

– Still tracking down a projector for the Big Money Hustlaz premiere. The one usually have access to might not be available. If you’re going to be here and have one holler.
– The video premiere and after party will likely be 21+ as they will be inside The Golden Bear. Everything else will be all ages. There may be a possibility of hand stamps for this though I’m not too sure just yet.
– The trick comp will be outside the venue and taking place during the fashion show. I’m trying to bring together a few small ramps and rails/boxes for this. Its a best trick comp and in a parking lot so its not going to be super buck but should be super fun! Alleycat, trick comp, fashion show, live art, live DJs, video premiere and an after party. Be there!

Thanks to all the sponsors for coming through on this…made a huge difference!

Chrome Bags
Pedal Hard
The Golden Bear

Lockedcog 3 Year Event this Saturday! (sticky)


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