Locked: Caught this one over on TTv. Pretty fun little park bit. Grinds and tranny for the win.


Bikelordz : Stunts and Styles from Accra, Ghana.


Locked: I’d never seen this so I’m stoked that Shyam, a fairly avid reader based, sent this over to me. The last half hour has been spent looking up information on Ghana. Haha. Peep the official website here and donate to their kickstarterhere.

More from Banister Ditch



Prolly: I’ve got a few screenshots and some more photos from the other day’s session at the Banister Ditch in Austin. I rode with AJ’s friend Shane for the first time and while I didn’t snag any video of his lines he was pulling, I did get some photos of his footjam whips and alley oop bars. There are also some screenshots of AJ and my clips from that day. And of course, more trains.

Check out more below!






Now if only we could finish up this edit!

Bikelordz: A Ghana BMX Culture Movie


Prolly: It’s not every day you see something like this:

Bikelordz is a short documentary about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle culture which young people in Accra, Ghana have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. It follows crews of these young bicycle gurus as they try and use their skills to make money, gain recognition, and live on their own terms.

All images in Bikelordz were shot in Ghana and all of the music is Ghanaian. It focuses on a young BMX movement which thrives amid adverse circumstances which are particularly urban Ghanaian but undeniably universal.”

Check out more at their Kickstarter!

Ride / Relax or Else


Prolly: This photo just goes to show that it’s best to have fun while riding.

Recent Roll: Puckett Hop


Prolly: I am really surprised that this photo came out as good as it did. It was one of those look quickly and fire moments where you think it’ll just be a blurry mess. Here’s Puckett hitting one of the many jibs on the ride from my house to East 6th.