Chari & Co: Junie’s Icarus Touring Bike



Prolly: I was wondering when I was going to see photos of Junie’s Icarus touring bike. Ian completed his frameset a few months ago and Chari just uploaded photos of it to their blog. I gotta ask Junie, where are you going?


Chari & Co: 3 Layer Side Mesh Cap




Prolly: Chari continues to supply you with ways to keep cool in the summer months with their new 3 Layer Side Mesh Cap. They’ve got a ton of detail photos up on their blog but I dug this one of KTel taking that hairpin turn on the WBurg bridge on his KHS singlespeed alleycat machine.

Beautiful Bicycle: Wilis’ Landshark Pursuit



Prolly: Chari just posted photos of Wilis’ new Landshark pursuit track bike. When he told me he got this (which matches his tandem), I didn’t think it’d be so over the top. Pretty bad ass huh? Check out more at the Chari blog!