eBay Gem: Cinelli Laser Track Frame



Prolly: People always freak out about the Cinelli Laser track frames and with only a day under its belt, this auction has breached the $2,300 mark. Youch! Check out more details here at the eBay page. That frame looks a little beaten up to get that much money but I guess people are thinking respray.

eBay Gem: Rauler Pista



Prolly: What is it with all the orange bikes I’ve been posting this week? While Rauler might not carry as much clout as De Rosa or Colnago, this pista has style to spare. Atlanta rims, Chorus post, 3TTT cockpit and Record cranks, this track machine is just begging to be thrashed. Check out more info on the Rauler name and the bike at eBay!

eBay Gem: 70’s De Rosa Pista


Prolly: Molteni orange never gets old, especially on a track bike and it looks likeSpeed Bicycles is putting up another one of their Beautiful Bicycles for sale. This 1970’s De Rosa Pista has been repainted and restored but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a pretty penny. I’m gonna watch this one and see how much it gets! Follow this eBay Gem here!

Also, the last eBay Gem I posted has been relisted. I thought that winning bid was a bit too high to be legit.