A Wi Mer: Josh Boothby


Prolly: Alex messaged me this on Facebook and it rules. Boothby definitely has some of the smoothest style out there.


Blog Introduction: Matt Lingo’s RecFail

Photo by Matt Lingo

Prolly: BoothbyMatt and I had a little back and forth on Twitter today that lead Matt to email me about his freshly launched site, Reciprocity Failure. Or as he’s calling it, RecFail. Matt’s been a staple in the FGFS community since the beginning as he documents events, riders and the brands that keep things rolling. To see Matt make the leap to a legit platform is awesome and one of the newest posts is a photo set of Boothby at Home Ave.

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Stay on top of RecFail for more from Matt Lingo! Also, props to Josh for rocking a helmet!