Locked: These are pretty dang neato! Timed wheel mounted lighting. From what I can see in the video there’s a decent amount of design going into these and they seem to work pretty spot on to what they’re going for. I’ve become a huge fan of kickstarter over the past few months and this is yet another cool find on there…help support it!


Mission Workshop: VX Rucksack AP Series



Prolly: Mission Workshop gave me the heads up on their new VX Rucksack from the AP Series. You won’t find a link to this page on the site just yet though so read up:

“Featuring the Arkiv® closure system

The AP Series Sanction rucksack features the Arkiv® closure system and is made with a 1000 denier VX Cordura ripstop shell backed with a PTFE waterproof membrane. In addition, the Sanction is lined with a lightweight VX70 ripstop liner. All of which resulting in an exceptionally durable and beautifully constructed barrier to the elements.

The AP Sanction also features YKK urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, an internal frame sheet and an optional waist belt. A large zippered pocket fits laptop computers such as the 15in MacBook Pro, 13in MacBook Air, or iPad. Five other pockets and compartments round out this versatile pack. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.”

reviewed the Sanction a few weeks ago and with all the high-end additions to it, I’d say this is worth the pricetage of $279.

Restrap II Preview


Prolly: Here’s the second video that Restrap‘s put out showcasing their Horizontal straps.

Touring Essentials 02: Take a Look Cyclist Mirror



Prolly: When traveling with a fully-loaded touring bike, rear visibility is a must. It’s not always easy to look over your shoulder, especially with a front-loaded bike on little or no shoulder. That’s why cycling mirrors are so handy. When I was looking at the options for mirrors, I didn’t want a big and bulky mirror that would take up handlebar real estate and since I have barcons, a bar end mounted mirror was out of the question. Then Doug recommended the Take a Look Cyclist Mirror. This Touring Essential is handmade in the USA, under $12 and easy to use.

Check out more below.



It’s pretty self-explanatory. You just bend these three nodules around the arm of your glasses or sunglasses. You can mount it to your helmet as well. Most LBS carry this clever and simple mirror and I suggest picking one up if you’re heading out on the road.

Also, Oakleys are Handmade in the USA as well. Not a bad combination!

Touring Essentials 01: Aerobie AeroPress



Prolly: Over the next few days, I’ll be taking the time to document some of the products I’ve picked up to prepare for my Portland to SF ride next week. I’m starting the series with the Aerobie AeroPress.

Coffee is just as important as water if you’re a cyclist preparing for a tour. Ok, that’s a stretch but I can’t remember the last time I haven’t began my morning without at least one cup and after riding day after day for weeks, it makes sense that you’ll want an easy and cost-effective way to make a cup. When Imet Cole a while back, he showed me the Aerobie AeroPress coffee press. It was so simple to use and packed up perfectly. To boot, it’s made in the USA!

Check out more below!


I don’t think the directions could be any easier. Add grounds, add boiled water, stir for 10 seconds and press.


The AeroPress is made in the USA!


Don’t even bother with the paper filters, buy the stainless filter. It’s worth it!


One scoop will make one cup of espresso.


You can boil more than enough water and make an Americana or add more scoops to make it stronger.


The press is easy to use and the coffee comes out rich and strong.

Flag Hatchet approved!

Made in the USA, inexpensive and easy to use. Most importantly for bicycle touring: it’s lightweight, compact and cleans easily. I’m drinking a cup right now and it’s comparable to my cheapo espresso machine and much better than my french press. Check out more at Aerobie!

EighthInch: Truckload Sale




Prolly: EighthInch is having a sale on all of the re-stocked items:

“A container filled with EighthInch parts just showed up at our door this morning. The order includes track cranks, splined cranks, cogs, bottom brackets, track pedals, plastic pedals, toe clips and straps, and Julian V2 wheelsets. Sadly no frames made it in but we should be receiving them within the next few weeks.

For those of you who were patient in waiting for the re-stock we thought we’d offer you a little reward. Use the coupon code “truckload” on and get 10% off EighthInch parts and accessories. Click on the banner to visit the store.”

Check out more at the EigthInch Blog!

Spike Parts: Y6 CRMO Sprocket






Prolly: Spike Parts is Breakbrake 17‘s new FGFS component line. Their first product introduced to the market is the Y6 CRMO or chromoly steel Sprocket. Having the sprocket be entirely made from steel bypasses the spline drive interface issues common with alloy sprockets.

Check out more product photos below!


Coming soon is a 14mm female hubset, hub guard and BB. Expect them to be out in October. Until then, visit Spike Parts!