Recent Roll: Soup Horse and Strafford Drive




Prolly: While the first hill Strafford Drive is only a quarter mile long, it averages over 25% grade. It’s just enough to discourage a track bike with standard street gearing. Billy found out the hard way while he was in town last month. I would actually love to see someone make it up this climb with anything more than 74 gear inches. It’s a lung buster but going down is a blast.


Recent Roll: Honolulu




Prolly: I got back a Recent Roll from my trip to Hawaii. This was the first time I used Portra 160 and I’m impressed. While none of this is bike-related, there are some good snaps from my trip.

Check out a slideshow below!


These are also at my Flickr!

Recent Roll: NYC, Austin and Boston Scraps




Prolly: I’m finally getting to the end of my last Recent Roll of Ilford Delta black and white film. These photos are from all over the place: NYC, Austin and Boston, all from the last month or so. Check out more randomness below!





Recent Roll: Transportation





Prolly: Now, I hate to follow up Andy’s beautiful cycling photography with these photos but I come across a lot of this while out on my road bike here in Austin. Trains, trucks and gas stations aren’t typically what you’d admire while riding a bike but sometimes they create nice imagery.

Recent Roll: Puckett Hop


Prolly: I am really surprised that this photo came out as good as it did. It was one of those look quickly and fire moments where you think it’ll just be a blurry mess. Here’s Puckett hitting one of the many jibs on the ride from my house to East 6th.

Recent Roll: 360


Prolly: After you descend Mount Bonnell and you take 2222 west, you run into 360. As you cross the Lake Travis bridge, you’re greeted with a multi-tiered climb. Headwinds and exposure to the sun make this one of the more grueling climbs in the area but if you happen to catch it on a cloudy and wind-free day, it’s remarkably easy. Just don’t hold your breathe for that to happen! After you finish 360, swing a right on Bee Cave to hit the Lost Creek loop. Or you can doTerrace Mountain to Redbud and catch Bee Caves that way. Either way, you’re in for some good climbing.

That’s it for my Recent Roll look at some of my favorite rides here in Austin. I’ll have to load that camera back up and take it with me more often.

Recent Roll: Lost Creek Road


Prolly: My absolute favorite ride as of late has been Lost Creek, aka Heart Attack Road. You start off on with a massive descent where I’ve topped out at 48mph before and then you go through a series of climbs and steep, winding valleys. It’s not too tough and there are only Cat 4 climbs but boy is it fun! Here’s Jon ready for the pounce. Check out a few more from my Recent Roll at my Flickr!