Beautiful Bicycle: My Fully Loaded Geekhouse Woodville




Prolly: To ease my recent anxiety about this trip, I decided to pack my Geekhouse Woodville up with everything I’ll be bringing with me and riding it down to the Town Lake trails. I really just wanted to feel how she rode before I began to overhaul the bike tomorrow. As it sits there, is how I’ll be riding it, minus the clipless pedals of course. The addition of the Salsa Bell Laps, Sram XO and 12-36 cassette were the last changes I had to make. Everything’s dialed in and ready to roll!

Now I have to break it down and pack it up before Thursday morning. I arrive in Portland on the 18th, do a little project with Embrocation and roll out of town on the 22nd. From there, I’ve got till September 6th to make it to SF for my flight back to Austin. Wish me luck!


Rapha Continental Moots Factory Tour


Prolly: Ever wonder where those lovely Moots frames come from? Watch this video asRapha tours the Moots factory. Seriously, can we have more videos like this? So rad.

Chari & Co: Junie’s Icarus Touring Bike



Prolly: I was wondering when I was going to see photos of Junie’s Icarus touring bike. Ian completed his frameset a few months ago and Chari just uploaded photos of it to their blog. I gotta ask Junie, where are you going?

2011 Team Awesome Kits


Prolly: Rob Morgan hit me up, letting me know that the 2011 Team Awesome kits are now available for pre-order. If you have a kit addiction, check these out right 

A Manual for Speed: Driveway Time Trial


Prolly: There are some things that photos don’t do justice and riding up hills is one of themEmiliano Granado and Daniel Pasley bring us the first web edit from Manual for Speed.

“Team Exergy’s Andres Diaz, climbs a crazy gradient during the Team’s training camp. The driveway is half mile long and steep, as in an average of 15.7% with the worst section 28%. Every day the team rides down the hill to train, and at the end of it, back up the hill to get home. Every day.”

Check out more at a Manual for Speed.

Royal H Cycles: The Devil’s in the Details


Photos by Jonathan Henig

Prolly: Bryan from Royal H. has spent years at Seven finishing bikes. He, like many builders, prefers steel but will welcome new materials once and a while. Maybe that’s what finally led him to creating his first stainless bike. As shown through the lens of Jonathan Henig, here’s Bryan finishing a freshly blasted stainless frame. When it’s all exposed stainless, every little detail needs to be finished. Check out more at the Royal H Tumblr!

My Friends are Talented: Catching Up – Conner Spencer


Prolly: Ryan from Go Means Go posted up this video from a project called My Friends are Talented. It’s worth the watch with some beautiful cinematography so sit back and enjoy!