Leo Furmansky: Dennis Hicks Volume Photoshoot

Photo by Leo Furmansky

Prolly: Leo shot a ton of photos of Dennis back in February for Volume and he’s just now uploaded them. Out of all the fixed freestyle and portrait photos, this one stood out to me the most. You get a real sense of what it’s like to ride with friends from just one photo. Nice one dude. Check the rest out here!


Volume Bikes: Thrasher V2

Volume Thrasher V2.

Volume Thrasher V2.

Volume Thrasher V2.

Prolly: Volume’s new Thrasher V2 is now up on their site. This year’s model sports a steeper head tube angle, longer top tube and higher BB. Check out all the specs here!
Locked: Volume just upped the page for the new V2 Thrasher. Things looking pretty spiffy with the new dropouts, bigger tire clearance and those sick decals. Those are probably my favorite frame graphics yet.


Prolly: Kris from Locked Cog put his Chrome Brigadier to work the best way possible: a BBQ with his boys. Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been traveling back to Austin.

Zlog: Kris from Lockedcog got hooked up with a Chrome Brigadier and has been enjoying it. Check out the vid.

Locked: I got the Chrome Brigadier a couple months bag to test out from the lovely people at Chrome. Been loving it since. This beast can haul just about anything. Some BBQ fun with the boys right here. Fun day for sure. Hope yall enjoy. With this I’m off to go camping for the weekend! See ya.

Us Versus Them Welcomes STEVEN JENSEN to The Family


Prolly: As expected just from reading the title, watch as Jensen rips for Us Versus Them!

Zlog: It is awesome to see Steven getting hooked up with UVT. I remember when the dude was killing it with no sponsors other than Zlog. Congrats man!

LockedCog: Us Versus Them adding more skill to their solid team. Steven has some of the sickest grind combos in the game. Dig it.